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If you want to buy Apple products, especially refurbished Apple products, you would want to be careful about the company you buy the products from. This will require you to check for how reputable the company is. You might have heard that there are Apple certified resellers and you might be wondering what the difference is between patronizing the Apple certified reseller and stores that sell refurbished phones. This article will explain the differences.

It is worthy of note that it does not automatically mean that every other store that is not certified are automatically not worth buying from. It is only a matter of making sure that the company is reputable.

A major difference between Apple-certified resellers and stores that sell refurbished phones such as KRCS Apple devices is the quality of staff. Even though some stores sell refurbished phones with very professional and knowledgeable staff, they are very few. This is as opposed to Apple-certified resellers where all their staff are expected to be professionals and well-trained. Where this is not attainable, the resellers are likely to send the phone to an Apple outlet for it to be refurbished. The implication is that as opposed to when you patronize other stores that sell refurbished phones for Apple products where there is an equal chance of buying a poorly refurbished phone, you can always be over 90 per cent sure of buying a properly refurbished phone when you patronize Apple-certified resellers.

There are certain conditions that a phone must meet for it to be referred to as a refurbished phone. Refurbished phones are majorly phones that the buyer only used for a few days or a few months at the most before it was returned. It could be returned because the buyer encountered a problem with the phone or the buyer changed their mind. The phone is then refurbished to make it good as new and then sold for a lower price. You would be sure that any phone you are buying from an Apple certified reseller meets this condition. However, some dubious stores that sell refurbished products can sometimes buy products that have been used for years and refurbish it. While this is not bad in itself if they would sell for the buyers at its worth, they will try to sell to the buyer at the same price they would sell a refurbished version of a new phone.

When you patronize Apple-certified sellers, you are assured that the product you are buying is genuine and you are also given a warranty that they would stand by. You would not get this level of assurance when you patronize most other stores that sell only refurb phones.

Another difference between Apple-certified stores and other stores is that once you can confirm that a store is Apple certified, you can be sure that they are reputable. On the other hand, stores that sell apple that is not certified will require you to do some more finding before you patronize them.